• Monday, September 19, 2022

IP change on all Atavism Cloud servers

As we have talked about on our Discord server we need to change all of our IP subnets that are in use on our Atavism Cloud platform. The reason for this is because of the energy crisis and inflation happening, this has caused our costs for the IP subnets and systems to skyrocket. And to prevent a major price increase on the Atavism Cloud products I started researching other options to replace the current system we are using today. I have found a solution that will allow us to keep the price the same as it is today, but it forces us to change all the IP addresses on the Atavism Cloud platform.

I posted my proposal on our Discord where everyone would be able to pitch in their thoughts and everyone agreed to change the system and the IP addresses to keep the prices as they are today.

The work has already started and the IP change on the Atavism Cloud servers will begin in the coming days and weeks. There will be a brief downtime on your cloud server during the swap and the downtime is estimated to last for around 15 minutes. After the swap has occurred you need to update your Atavism Editor and the Unity to the new IP address. Nothing else is needed to be done by you :)

I will try and do the swap off hours to prevent the swap to occur during your prime time, this means I will do my best to do the swap at nighttime for both US and EU.

You will receive an email when the swap has been completed on your server.

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding this please feel free to open a ticket or poke me on Discord!


Best regards
Eirik S - Helix