• Saturday, September 24, 2022

New features are coming to Atavism cloud in the coming days and weeks.


1. Currently new Atavism Cloud servers are deployed with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS until Atavism uses a newer Java version, but users will now be able to choose between Ubuntu 18.04LTS or 22.04LTS when rebuilding the server (clean start over).

2. Since the cloud servers are delivered with root password login and not private keys (for simplicity) they are vulnerable to brute force attacks. All Cloud Servers are now delivered with Fail2Ban preinstalled to ban all IP addresses that attempt to guess your root password.

3. Atavism Cloud servers now come with reset software. Instead of having to rebuild the OS if you want to start over you now just have to enter a command in SSH and it will start a server reset procedure (a confirmation will appear to prevent you from accidentally wiping your data). This function will not rebuild your OS only the Atavism database, this way you can keep your server configuration and still start over. You can still use the OS rebuild if you want to start with a fresh OS.

4. New and rebuilt Atavism Cloud servers will come with a new SSH port instead of the default port 22. The new port is 2222. This is also for security, servers running with open port 22 are highly targeted by bots and hackers.

5. Server Web console has been fixed as well so it should start working in the coming days and weeks are I roll out the updates

6. A new control panel UI

7. Private networks! Soon I will launch the private networks function for the cloud servers, this means that you can have 2 servers that are connected via local network IP ( This means that you can have one server that runs critical stuff like databases or other things that are only accessible over the local network removing the need for VPN tunnels for a secure connection between servers (if you cluster). Private networks can easily be created in the control panel.

8. Firewall I'm working on a network-level firewall for the cloud servers, you will be able to define firewall rules directly in the control panel for your server, these firewall rules will be on a network level rather than software level on your server. The firewall release date is still TBA.